What Is WhatsApp Web | How To Use Whatsapp Web On PC?

What Is WhatsApp Web: The WhatsApp Web on your PC allows you to access the messenger app from your computer using only your Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge. For this, it is necessary to pair the mobile phone with the browser, using a code called " QR Code ". In addition to that, WhatsApp Desktop also came with a version to install on the machine, very similar. Take advantage of messaging features to chat, send photos, videos, organize contacts, groups, archive scraps, and more. See now tips on how to use WhatsApp Web on your computer. 

Whatsapp Web
WhatsApp Web

ONE // How the QR Code System Works 

The WhatsApp Web needs a cell phone with an Internet connection and a battery running to run on the computer. The app opens in the browser, which mirrors the messenger's content, adapted to the web.

That is, it does not have its own platform, such as Facebook or Messenger Web, for example. To use, simply access web.whatsapp.com and open in the mobile the messenger application to pair.

Reading the QR Code is done with the camera of the mobile phone and the list of navigators is available in "active computers", in the menu of the app, in the smartphone. In this way, sent and received messages are automatically synchronized between devices and can be viewed on both systems. It is important to note that the cell phone and PC need to be connected to the Internet. 

TWO // Which mobile operating systems support WhatsApp Web? 

WhatsApp Web is not available for all systems. For now, it only supports Android devices, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 Single SIM, BlackBerry and BB10.

For those who noticed the absence of Apple's smartphone in the first place, the iOS that integrates iPhones and iPads did not have support to use WhatsApp on the computer. The official response, according to the founder of the messenger, Jan Koum , was that there was no arrival forecast for the Apple platform, "due to the limitations." However, the iPhone can already use WhatsApp Web; see how to activate. 

THREE // Which browsers support WhatsApp Web? 

The messenger on computer can be accessed by browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. The popular Internet Explorer is out of this list. It is important to use the latest browser version to ensure support and check for updates. 

FOUR // Install latest version of WhatsApp 

To access the WhatsApp Web, you must have the latest version of the messaging application installed on your phone. On Android, you can check the version by the app itself by accessing the "Settings" item and then "Help." In the "About" section, there will be the version of your app.

In the doubt, it is possible to force the updating of WhatsApp, accessing the official website with the APK. TechTudo Downloads offers the most up- to- date versions for systems supported by the messenger, and you can download the app store in a simple way. Make sure your already installed version has the same version number as that currently available on the WhatsApp website. 

FIVE // Make changes to your profile 

WhatsApp Web allows the user to change the profile photo to another one they want or just remove the image. If you prefer to replace, the user can click a photo at the same time, using the computer webcam, or choose one of the options already saved on your computer HD. To do this, click on your profile photo, at the top left and make the necessary changes.

In addition to the image, you can customize the profile status with emoji and texts. The change is made after clicking the "pencil" icon on the profile screen. The limit is 138 characters and to access the emojis, click on the item with "happy face": a tab will open with all the options present in the app.

SIX // Sending photos, videos, and voicemails 

To communicate more fully, the web messenger allows you to send photos and videos saved on your computer. The process is done by the contact's chat screen or group by clicking the "clip" icon: two round items representing the media will be opened. Search the PC and send it normally.

Voice recording is represented by a "microphone" at the bottom of the screen at the end of the text field, such as on the cell phone. Just click and hold to start talking. Then release and click the green "check" icon to send. Remember to turn on the microphone on your computer. 

SEVEN // How to organize the conversations 

WhatsApp offers tools that help keep chats organized. First, you can archive or unarchive a conversation in the chat. To do this, simply click on the hidden menu in the conversation item, and select "archive conversation". Then, to find these messages again it is necessary to search for the name of the contact at the top and click on "Unbind conversation".

If you want to get rid of some unnecessary conversation, know that the user can delete this message history from WhatsApp Web. To do this, open the message and click on the hidden menu at the top, selecting "Delete conversation". 

EIGHT // How to organize groups 

A very practical tool in WhatsApp for the computer is the ability to create new groups with your contacts. In the menu there is the option "new group": note that later you will have to choose an image and a name for the group, of up to 24 characters, to complete.

Then to manage the groups, the moderator can select the "information" tab in the right corner to modify the image, change the subject, remove members or include a new administrator.

The functions to archive or delete are also available, as well as leaving the group, with same access from the previous item for chats. The options are in the hidden menu at the top right or can be accessed from the list of contacts on the left.

Do not you want to be bothered? So a good option is to silence that talk that talks too much. The item is also in the hidden menu at the top, in the "Mute" option: select the time you want to keep this mode and click "Ok" to confirm. 

NINE // How to receive notifications 

WhatsApp Web has sound notification tools and pop-up warnings on the PC screen. Thus, the surfer can choose to activate or deactivate these features, if necessary.

Alerts work on all messenger-supported browsers and can be accessed from the top-left menu under the "Notifications" item. To silence, simply choose a time frame so that you will not be disturbed by sounds or any warnings in 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. 

TEN // Why cannot I connect? See how to solve problems 

What many netizens forget is that WhatsApp Web is not independent of the cell phone. That is, if the smartphone runs out of battery power or the Internet connection goes down, the computer version will not be able to connect either. This can be one of the problems easily solved: keep an eye on the two devices, use a charger on the cell phone, after all the web depends on it.

Then check if your cell phone is sending and receiving messages normally. If not, restart the device and update WhatsApp to the latest version. If it does not work, disable Wi-Fi and try reconnecting to another type of Internet (3G / 4G), as this may be the fault.

Problems And Solutions When Installing WhatsApp Web

Make sure your phone is not in "Airplane Mode", which interrupts connections. If none of this works, try completely uninstalling WhatsApp on the device and reinstalling. Re-add your personal information, cell phone number, and make sure connectivity has returned.

If everything is right with the cell phone, probably the problem is on the PC. Check your Internet connection (try opening another page in your browser, for example). If the signal is strong on Wi-Fi or cable Internet, log out of WhatsApp Web. Select the top menu and click "Exit."

Try connecting again, and also test a second browser among the various compatible. It is important to always keep the browser up-to-date to maintain compatibility with the messenger.

Are you on a public computer? So the internet connection or access may have some restrictions, blocking the WhatsApp Web. And there is not much to do: ask the manager if there is an administrator password and always remember to leave your account before leaving the computer.

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