Social Networking | How Can It Make You Succeed?

Social Networking: Online presence and active social media have played an important role in online promotion, especially as social media is a dynamic entity, a world in which interaction and rapidity of promotion are essential. Online knowledge can dramatically increase, costs are reduced, social networks attract real and attentive traffic, communities around companies are homogeneous, customers are loyal, better known (segmentation is faster, target audience definition is the same) and reputation is strengthened. Hence Social Networking proved to be very successful.

Social Networking
Social Networking

Here are some benefits that Social Networks can have for a business:

What Can Social Networking On Facebook Do To Your Business?

  1. It helps you define a unique online image through a Facebook page that customers can subscribe to like. The more likes the easier the message gets to customers.
  2. Page Insights, accessible from the Page Admin page of Facebook, helps you better understand who is following you, at what times your page has been visited.
  3. Build Audience - You can send invitations to Facebook friends and emails to your contacts list.
  4. Social Networking on Facebook Can increase your customer base and portfolio, create a unified community. Updates are automatically distributed to the NewsFeed of those who like the page.
  5. Promoted Posts promotes any page and increases visibility, your business being closer to the target audience. There is also the Sponsored Stories option.
  6. You can promote your business online with the simple ads placed in the NewsFeed of the users who are following you - and the activity of the fans on your page is posted on their personal pages.
  7. Provides social plug-ins so you can place Like buttons on your company's official website or blogs.
  8. Targeting is more effective. the niche can also be defined demographically - in page statistics you find information that helps you better define the target audience.
  9. You can exchange ideas with other companies in the same field, you can join groups.
  10. You can make contests and online promotions very simply.

What Can Social Networking On Twitter Do To Your Business?

  1. Tweet is operative, has only 140 characters, spreads quickly, updates immediately.
  2. Information is disseminated in real time. Their accuracy is greater.
  3. It is very easy to use, so you do not have to have special training for Twitter account employees - you can even manage it if you enjoy it.
  4. You can freely choose who you are following and who follows you. Twitter directory helps you find people with the same type of business easier.
  5. Posting messages can reach many more users, because anyone can follow you.
  6. The chances of the company's official website being accessed are much higher because users are tempted to click on the tweet link.
  7. Finding posts is very fast thanks to hashtag, a symbol that allows discussion, comments.
  8. Free promotion through promoted tweets and Twitter cards.

What Can Social Networking On LinkedIn Do To Your Business?

  1. With Social Networking You can request business recommendations from other companies' network via e-mail.
  2. You can tell the "story" of the company and you can attract the most talented future employees.
  3. LinkedIn Groups allows you to attract new customers and promote your business through groups, in interest functions - you can open one yourself.
  4. You can chat with your friends on the network, on a forum, you can post the most interesting projects of the recent date of the company.
  5. You can instantly find common customers and partners, and you can expand your portfolio without moving from office.
  6. LinkedIn connects and gives you suggestions from people in the same field or companies, takes care of building a reputation online by marketing or publishing various materials.
  7. Can ask for / receive recommendations from other companies and individuals that increase customer confidence in the business.
  8. In the Summary section you can post brochures, PDFs, presentations, videos, all of which can be downloaded by those who access the LinkedIn profile.

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