Social Media Marketing Latest Trends 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019: There are currently more than 2 billion social networking users around the world and their number increases by up to 25% each year. Nine out of ten companies are active on social networks. In 2019, integration and adaptation to social media will quickly become a standard operation in most companies.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019
Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

What will follow this year:

ONE // Social Media In Private

All social media action will happen in two unique and private places: private groups and messaging applications. In other words, we are approaching fast with another type of social media, where everything that happens is public, but the most valuable content is to find only those private groups that have accessed certain individuals. Interestingly, the new type of communication is almost exclusively "on mobile".

TWO // Be Ready To Pay For More Traffic

Important changes will come from Twitter. Generally, those who invest in social networking, big brands, and business-related companies want to see how a particular type of business develops and does not pursue profits in the first phase - it only appears necessary after the growth stops. Somewhere in 2019 Twitter will create an algorithm that will affect how users see certain tweets in certain streams. Google already has a PageRank (even if there has been no update for a while), Facebook has EdgeRank, Twitter will have TweetRank and will rank first in advertising, advertising. So advertisers will make sure they have decent traffic only through the niche advertising, dictated by TweetRank.

THREE // Companies Will Adapt Social Strategies To People

The concept of "social adaptive" will become the word of order for big companies. The more we collaborate and get closer to social media users interested and involved in a particular business, the more we need to adapt to the communities they share and the need for guaranteed success. Direct communication with users, customers will always have to be high, the language used will adapt more to the one people have behind profiles. "Adaptive Social" also involves thinking based on the idea that social media networks have been created for people, not for brands.

FOUR // Visual Marketing Tailored To The Social Platform, A Critical Aspect

Companies and advertisers will adapt on the go and create a solid plan on how to communicate visually with the target audience. Long and short videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogging charts, these will be new must-haves in visual marketing on social networks. Creating anchor content for the company's website and "breaking it" into contextual pieces for each type of customized social platform will be an essential move.

FIVE // Live Video Goes Into The Mainstream

In 2018 we entered the live-casting era and we got familiar with Facebook Live or Periscope. In 2019, some types of live casting will move to another level, delivering 360 degrees of service, allowing users to move their mobile phones to have an unprecedented experience as if they were present in a certain place. 3D experiences will also become possible, so each stream can instantly translate the user into the center of the action it presents. The idea is to get a closer relationship with the target audience, which will be possible only through video and live streaming, to bring a face to face with an audience. The word of order will be self-broadcasting, the new social share and a new form of blogging.

SIX // Brands Will Try To Get New Users Through Syndicate Content

In 2019, more and more brands will cease to focus on followers and likes and start looking at social media as nurseries where they can take users to diversify the target audience. We already know we have no control over the connections in a socialization platform. Platforms control the flow of information and audience data. They can show what they want, whether someone wants or wants to see your content. Brands will try to make their audience in social media and turn it into "email subscribers", communicating directly with subscribers.

SEVEN // Facebook Will Refine Its Advertising Targeting

Facebook has already implemented a new tool to better understand what type of user is communicating with a specific page. At the same time, those who own the pages will be able to add keywords and notes, tags for users who are linked to the page. Advertising will focus on delivering products and services based on Facebook user interactions within the network and not on the passions or interests it comes from outside. Functions for ads will multiply, there will be pop-ups or splash ads that have been encountered so far only on company sites.

EIGHT // Instant Content Will Become More Important

The content posted in real time has made in 2015, along with "lead ads" on Facebook and Twitter. In 2019, companies will post even more content, and faster, bringing more users to their sites and keeping their attention for longer. For example, Facebook tests immersive ads - it resembles instant articles, but the landing page with advertising appears as soon as the user clicks on the creative.

NINE // Social Ecommerce Platform

"Instant Shopping Experience", this is the new trend in shopping dictated by social networks. Twitter introduced the Buy Now option, last year Facebook tested the same button type. So did Pinterest and YouTube. The idea is to shop directly from the social networking site without having to go to other sites and waste your time, and that's because of the development of each company's mobile part.

TEN // Monitoring Tools Will Also Have Image Recognition

In 2019, monitoring and analysis will be done on socialization platforms and image recognition. For example, recently, Sysomos bought Gaze, which offers image analysis and recognition software. Just a search by company image, logo, and all images containing the logo will appear, regardless of form and size.

ELEVEN // SEO, Better And More Complex In 2019

The content is still the king. But with so much content generated, optimization of organic content needs to be done quickly and well, necessarily in the professional way. The visibility of social networks and the content generated exclusively within them will increase on Google, more and more platforms will appear in the results displayed in a simple search. Optimizing posts on Facebook or YouTube will also be very important in order to find information that is more relevant to the company or user.

TWELVE // Care For Privacy And Privacy Will Increase

After Facebook's problems in previous years with private data, care for stored data and the way it is encrypted, secured, the way it will be used online will grow exponentially.

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