Seo Mistakes Every Expert Made Once

SEO Mistakes: Search engine optimization is at the moment the best way for a business to be promoted, whether online, whether online or not. Promoting means visibility, promotion means notoriety, popularity, and ultimately promotion means profit. Every business has the main purpose when launching online to get as much traffic as possible, and if it's an online store, then take advantage of this traffic or make sales.

The fastest way to get traffic is by positioning as high as possible if you can between the top three positions of the return page returned by Google when an Internet user performs a particular search. For example, if someone searches for "toy stores", surely the first three or even five results returned by Google will be those that this person will be able to access without any difficulty.

Of course, only perfect optimization of a site so that it gets first on the list is not enough, but it also requires quality content to reach the public and to persuade it to remain on the page once a user got there. This is about the good SEO lessons, but as there are good optimization techniques, there are mistakes that search engine optimization specialists do, and beyond their sustained efforts, they fail to climb a site in SERP, but keep it in the queue of the list or in a mediocre position, sometimes even penalizing Google or another search engine. Here's how:

SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes

ONE // Poor Quality Content.

One of the most common SEO Mistakes, A website that looks modern and very appealing and can easily be indexed by search engines is a promising start for any online business. But ... the famous saying "Content Is The King" remains valid, and if a site does not have good content that attracts and maintains the interest of the site's visitors and does not include topics and keywords that people search every second on the Internet, simply this site will not exist. Unique, exciting, creative content, the one that always brings novelty is the one that distinguishes between success and failure.

TWO // Duplicate Content.

Once a common technique for websites that appeared second in second in the world of online, sites with content copied here do not have a long life today, or if they have a long life, it does not mean that it is also a good life. As with low-quality content, and for duplicate content, the recent Panda update ran through huge mass of copied content sites that managed to get very good rankings with the work of publishers working from difficult for important sites. As such, duplicate content is today one of the safest roads to failure, and those who think of it as a good technique will soon see the reverse of the medal.

THREE // Excess Of Keywords.

It's true that one of the main "weapons" in SEO Mistakes is the key words, but the over-agglomeration of an otherwise interesting text, with the word or phrase that is believed to bring many visitors to the site, will do the opposite. Instead of getting a better page rank, you will get a penalty from Google, which has continuously updated its search algorithm to detect any excess or any deviation from the rules. Over-loading a text with keywords means that the text will lose quality to make room for SEO.

FOUR // Not Adapting To Mobile Devices.

Although it is not a major SEO Mistakes in itself, in fact this problem tends to become more disturbing and to affect the page rank of many interesting and appealing sites. This is the lack of a mobile version. Because more recently when ranking pages, Google also takes into account whether these pages are optimized for mobile devices (smart phones, tablets). On the other hand, this is not a disturbing fact only for Google, but also for Internet users, especially as the share of people using the Internet on mobile devices is steadily rising.

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