Top 10 Reasons To Choose Blogger Over Wordpress

Reasons To Choose Blogger: The 10 reason to continue with blogger is that if you are happy in blogger you should not change platform, however if you need to expand something that is very important you can think about a migration but I encourage you to stay in blogger. 

I see the harassment towards Blogger accusing that it is not a professional platform, that it is a limited platform and that you cannot work at ease ...

By having the blog in WordPress it is not going to become professional or blogs on blogger are as limited as many times we believe.

Today we are going to see 10 reasons why continue With blogger in your blog

 Blogger has its charm and I think it is a very worthy blogging platform as such and every time there are more external features that can be applied as landing pages, welcome mats, forms ... even stores. 

Reasons To Choose Blogger
Reasons To Choose Blogger

ONE // It Is A 100% Free Platform

 This is a very important point, because the rest of the platforms have some cost, for example has payment functionalities and in the end it ends up not going free, in .org with the hosting, domain and others the annual cost is high for what I recommend you take account before making the jump to wordpress.

 How much money does it cost to set up a blog on wordpress?

TWO // The Templates Have Changed A Lot And They Are Beautiful

 One of the biggest barriers was that Blogspot default templates are pretty ugly, but there are many free templates that you will love, if you want a blog to write and share, you may not need to be aware of 20 plugins.

So I encourage you to visit these templates for bloggers and exile the idea that blogger is uglier than wordpress ...

THREE // You Have Control Over The Code Very Easily

 This is an aspect that escapes many people, is that in blogger you can do many things with code in a moment with WordPress is another to sing given that beyond the CSS and Shortcodes, if not PHP programs it is not easy to make large modifications.

 In blogspot you can modify the HTML and CSS of your template and see the changes live at the moment what makes you work better and with greater ease.

FOUR // Better Positioning

Yes, although it may seem a lie if you are lazy SEO blogspot is much more SEO friendly and is indexed better, unless you touch a lot Google has optimized blogspot enough to make it more SEO friendly.

The DA is much higher and the good thing is that blogger is faster (in the eyes of Google)

FIVE // Easier To Maintain

 Maintenance is something that apart from being delicate requires time and patience, in the case of blogger it is enough to apply some of the innovations that have been appearing, but it has nothing to do with updating and replacing plugins, updating versions of WordPress, see if the settings are correct and a long list of tasks you need to do to make the blog healthy.

SIX // Both Templates And Modifications Are More Economical

 This is an important aspect halfway but it is true that not everyone likes to touch the blog and when you have to make important changes and modifications and we need to have a specialist, it is cheaper.

I understand that most of the people that we have blogs are by hobby and we are worried about finding unforeseen expenses.

As you can see, the average of a premium template of Blogger is 20 euros compared to 59 that costs a premium WordPress theme.

SEVEN // You Do Not Have To Watch For Updates

 This is a very rough issue, if you work with WordPress you must be very aware of updating since the security depends on your blog, in Blogger the security of your blog depends on the measures you put to protect your Google account.

I think having the relief that your blog is safe with google is very important and a strong reason to continue with blogger

EIGHT // Easier To Use

 This is the number 1 weight ratio for many people to use blogspot, it is easier to use and once you have controlled your template, the size of your photos ... is to write and publish.

 Many people who will read in the comments of some post say that WordPress seems much more complicated and it is true, they are appearing improvements but ... Blogger is writing and promoting.

NINE // You Avoid Migration

 Migrating a blog is easy, the complicated thing is that it fits well, unfortunately migrations are like moving, you can clean and get rid of things that come well but also others are broken or lost along the way and this ... it's crappy!

 TEN // You Are More Free Than You Think

 I recently wrote a post about how short a lot of blogs last, unfortunately they do not pass the year one of the factors that condition the closure is renewal since in many cases if you do not update much or have not obtained results It is the ideal time to take stock.

 Therefore, if you do not have as many conditioning factors as maintenance time, updates, payments among others, it may be a little less, especially in the first months of the blog since you will have the freedom to open or close when you want and there you will be waiting for that you publish.

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