How To Sell Photos Online?

Sell Photos Online: Are you one of those people who always have a camera with them and find reasons all around them to take pictures?
Then why not make some extra money from selling your pictures? (Enter the web site) found for you several websites where you can sell your photos without too much effort, just edit them and upload them to the site.
If you get serious cash out of this, of course you have to pay the fees. Of course, then you will be able to reimburse your equipment, editing programs, and travel (to take pictures in different locations) It might be a good idea to ask a professional if you want to avoid any kind of problem related to non-payment of taxes.

Sell Photos Online
Sell Photos Online

Here you can find 5 web sites where you can sell your photos:

According to, more than 5 million photographers sell their photos on their site. Here you get 70% of the profit on every licensed photo (the standard price is $ 250), and your photos will be available for use in large advertising campaigns (if you sell with commercial licenses)
To join, you first need to create a user profile. Then upload the photos, fill in the details of each picture, location, copyright, etc.
You can sell your photos with or without copyright. When offering exclusivity you earn more, but on the other hand you can sell the picture once.

Samsung Pro remains 85% of the profits from the sale of photos, but instead you can not create a free profile, you have to make a subscription for $ 12.5 a month / month. Then upload the photos, choose what you want to sell and for what price.
It's a good winner for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit since you have a lot of freedom and you can remodel your products for sale.

On this web site you can earn more than $ 120 for a photo. Their payment structure is more complicated, but in principle, the more your purchase is bought, the higher the price.
In total, members of this website have earned more than $ 300 million in more than 500 million downloads, so there is no doubt that you can not make money on this site. Here you can also find videos or vectors.
You can also recommend another photo and make a profit every time the picture is sold.

This website has been in existence since 2001, so it has managed to create a large community, both sellers and buyers. That's why you can not just create an account and upload photos, but you also have to pay a membership fee. For this you have to choose a category (pictures, illustrations, videos or sound) and fill out an application form, set your skills, pass a small test so iStockphoto can check your set skills, then you just have to send them samples with your work and wait for confirmation as a member.
If you are accepted you will receive 15% of your sales profit. You can even get 45% of your profit. You can find a section on your site where you can calculate your earnings.

Etsy is not only the place where you can find wedding decorations, Halloween costumes and gift ideas, here you can also sell your pictures. You get 20 cents per sale and 3.5% of the sale price of the picture. Instead you will have to make some more effort to persuade the world to buy your pictures. Etsy is not the first place where people are looking to buy pictures, but thanks to the low fee they might want to try anyway.
More Etsy offers a very useful manual with branding, marketing, etc. lessons. As a seller you can set your own prices, so the possibilities are unlimited.

Each web site has pluses and minuses, so just find the one that suits you the best.
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