How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way for business to acquire customers, and is undoubtedly an even more popular way for "ordinary people" to make money online.

There are examples of adolescents who earn more than $ 5,000 per month in their spare time and other adults who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in this way.

Due to the increased use of the internet among the general population, several companies have begun to use affiliate marketing. The idea is simple: Whenever you give a company a visitor to their site, a sale, or a form of registration for their services, you are rewarded with a certain amount of money. What makes it so easy is that direct contact with companies is not necessary, because so-called "affiliate networks" have hundreds of programs to choose from. The concept, then, is relatively simple, and even the most inexperienced computer user can make money through affiliate marketing. Keep reading to learn how to make money online.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To make money, you have to understand which "players" are part of your plan to get what you want: money!

·         You - in this case you call yourself an affiliate

·         Company - The player who wants to "spread" a product, makes a sale or provides information

·         Affiliate Network (not always present) - Finds your jobs, keeps track of your sales and conversions

·         Consumer - The person who clicks on your ad or buys your product


The company wants to sell a phone and therefore get in touch with the Affiliate Network in order to find people to promote the product. The affiliate network places ads on the forum, saying that you will earn a dollar each time you send a visitor to the web page and $ 35 each time a phone is sold. YOU will pick up your ad and put it on your blog, your website, and the Facebook page. The consumer visits your blog, sees your ad - clicks on it ($ 1) - buys a phone ($ 35).

Types of Affiliate Programs

·         PPS (Pay per Sale)

Approximately 80% of affiliate marketing is based on this, and the idea is that businesses pay the user an agreed amount or a certain percentage of affiliate sales.

·         PPA (Pay Per Action)

In this case, you are usually paid to provide the company with a certain amount of information about a prospective buyer. The Affiliate earns a slightly lower amount than for PPS, but can generate "customers" easier.


Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

With a minimum of basic knowledge, you can now start as an affiliate. The key is to be motivated and focused.

Affiliate marketing can provide a lot of money, so the ability to concentrate is paid. 

Find an affiliate network

As already mentioned, you may contact a company directly and ask for an affiliate program. We do not recommend this until you are an experienced affiliate. The smartest solution is to find an affiliate network. An affiliate network is an online marketing agency that allows companies to market their site / store through affiliate partners (you). The network has accumulated a vast selection of ads from various companies that you, as an affiliate partner, can use.

We recommend subscribing to about 1 and 5 affiliate networks so you have a wide range of ads to choose from. Membership is free and membership is very easy.

Examples of networks are:

Check the ads and find the right one

After registering as a user with one of your affiliate networks, you'll see a number of ad options. There are three factors that determine which ad (s) you should choose.

1. Do you already have a blog or a webpage?

If you already have a good traffic site and a large number of visitors per day, the optimal choice would be an ad that is relevant to your own page. The use of relevant ads, in turn, gives visitors confidence, which will always generate more clicks. Suppose you have a blog about phones - in this case, an affiliate ad that sells covers or subscription plans would be great.

2. Interest

If you do not have a blog or a website, do not despair. Today it has become very easy to create websites using free software. It has become very easy to create websites using free software, such as WordPress, Drupal or others. So, it does not cost you to create your own web page.

The ads you are interested in will always be a good choice. For example, if you create a blog or build a website, it will always be easier to manage and fun if it is related to anything you're interested in. This will lead to a better page, and as a result, more visitors. Ultimately, it means making money will be easier for you.

3. Potential to Earn

Another important factor to always keep in mind is potential gain. Choosing an ad you can refer to through your blog, your site, or just personal interest is useless if there is no winning potential. Therefore, you need to analyze your ad well to see if it has the potential to make money from home .


As soon as you've selected your product or ad, your task as an affiliate is to create a website, blog or other in order to market the product. Here is a brief description of the different promotion channels:


Sites are undoubtedly some of the best known ways to promote products on the market, and that for a good enough reason. A site features a wealth of features and the things you can do on a website are really limited by your own propensities and abilities. 


Even if an affiliate does not already have a blog, it is very easy to create. Blogs offer a great opportunity to write good material around the product category in your ad, and often attract many readers. You can create relatively cheap blogs and the only thing you really need to pay is a so-called domain, for example, a site with a web hosting account. When creating your blog, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of WordPress, a platform that is, of course, free of charge. A place to host your page is Hostico , which happens to be the host we use, and the lowest registration cost is just 5 lei per month. 

Sales videos

Typically, this type of activity belongs to sites like YouTube or Vimeo. You can create reviews about the real product, show how it works, talk about your own experiences, etc.

If you want a full understanding of how you can make money on YouTube, check out TechDean posts on YouTube. 


Using Facebook, you have the free option to create pages to help you promote your desired product. One way to do this is to create a page that contains reviews or uses of various things. Then, from time to time, you can refer to various ads and affiliate programs that can bring huge revenue. Facebook offers good advertising to websites, so if you already have a website or blog, we recommend using Facebook to help your website become known.

If you want to find out more about how to make money on Facebook, you can read our article on Facebook sites. 


You can also rely on people's impressions of the products being marketed. You can do this on a page specially designed for this purpose, or on other people's blogs or blogs. This type of affiliate marketing is most common to the types of consumers who are already looking for a product you are selling or wanting to hear the experiences of others. 

Tracking - Efficiency of the page

Once the web page is properly crafted, the most important thing is to have the view to navigate as efficiently as possible. This means that you have to make sure that your site is visited by a large number of people who click on ads, buy or subscribe to the products you promote. You can do this extremely easily with the help of specially designed programs to accomplish this mission.

These programs, which are also integrated into affiliate networks, examine how many people visit your site, who click on your ads, etc. Then, these systems will help you discover how your page should be designed, what content to have, and what works best. recommends you to take advantage of these programs because they are vital to the success of web pages.

We at hope you felt good reading this article and at the same time you learned how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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