What Is Google RankBrain | How Can It Affect Your SEO?

Google RankBrain: In April 2015, a rather complicated system based on artificial intelligence is launched, Google RankBrain, a highly advanced program / system developed by Google's engineers as a ranking factor used to process a large number of daily searches.

Google RankBrain
Google RankBrain

What is Google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain has an important role in the search engine ranking algorithm, Hummingbird. It's not exactly the nature and its exact role, because public data is not yet public about it, but the debate in the world of online marketing is pretty luminous about it. Interestingly, like any "entity" of artificial intelligence, Google RankBrain teaches, but on the go. Data is updated periodically, it's not known how often this happens, but the program allows for better and faster results to be returned by the search engine.

How Does Google RankBrain Work?

RankBrain aims to provide end-user quality, marketers will have to take even greater care at the relationship between content and metadata. At its core are mathematical processes and an advanced understanding of language semantics, RankBrain learns how and why people are searching for certain keywords, and in future searches relevance will be much greater, at least so say Google. It is not pre-programmed, there is no data already stored and used infinitely from the start, as the artificial intelligence behind Google RankBrain adapts to the input offered by search engine users and is getting better at what he does. In practice, if we look for "How many biscuits go into a pack of medium biscuits?", Google RankBrain will show different results based on where the search came from, for example. The importance of RankBrain is quite high, especially as artificial intelligence teaches and recognizes new words, phrases, and revises SERPS based precisely on this accumulated knowledge.

In order to better understand what Google RankBrain is, I will tell you what it is not:

  • It is not a new Knowledge Graph. Yes, it's also a program based on artificial intelligence, but RankBrain has no business with it, nor will it be associated with this already existing program;
  • It is not an algorithm update. It's wrong to think of Google RankBrain as in Panda, Penguin, it's not a new algorithm, it's not an update, it's just a change that works alongside Hummingbird (the semantic search algorithm);
  • It is not a new type of search, it is not a search engine, it does not make major updates to the basic search process;
  • Not a robot. It's just a series of mathematical equations, a complicated program that can learn and improve.

Impact of RankBrain on SEO

A question that is on the lips of all people in online marketing is how it affects this RankBrain SEO. It's already known that an SEO campaignQuality starts every time with the finding of relevant keywords for the business. Keywords must be relevant and be the ones the user will use for future searches. The impact of RankBrain will be seen at this stage, the choice of keywords and their implementation. Prior to RankBrain, Google's software engineers built a mathematical algorithm to determine search ranking. Unlike the algorithm that should always be updated, RankBrain along with the existing algorithm will learn and change constantly, alone, without human intervention. The idea is that an SEO campaign is adaptable to the changes in search engines that appear at the ranking level. Google RankBrain is "taught" offline by Google, which means that they are provided with words and phrases that might later become viral. This is one thing to consider for those who have sites with unconventional content, atypical topics, and strange words for the normal user. RankBrain will instantly identify your words and provide more relevant results for users.

For those who want to get into RankBrain's "graces", they must have high-quality content on the site, be always optimized, keywords are always chosen according to what is "on the wave" at the time and in the future near. It will be better to have a main keyword and its derivations for more relevant results returned to Google searches. What's even more interesting is that RankBrain applies regardless of language, he already knows a lot of languages, so he can handle it anyway. Social Sharing will not be influenced by RankBrain, its role is not more important in more competitive markets, everyone is treated the same way.

How Do We Optimize Our Websites For Google RankBrain?

Google's Gary Illyes revealed a secret: RankBrain's optimization is very simple, it's about optimizing for natural language. The point is to write quality content for people, not for Google and keyword-dependent algorithms. It's easy to see if content is optimized and sounds good by reading it out loud. Any extra keywords and non-natural phrases can be quickly corrected.

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