12 Unique Ways To Improve Your SEO With Google Analytics

Google Analytics For SEO: Google is no longer just a search engine company. The US company has expanded its services in all possible directions, from web hosting and cloud to email and social networking. Google Analytics is the free service from Google to get real-time statistics about site visitors and the performance of marketing campaigns by providing basic analytical tools for optimizing SEO. This is simply how Google Analytics For SEO works.

The Google service gives access to users who own a website and wants to monitor their performance with a qualitative feedback based on observation - all about design, chromatics, photos, etc. - and a quantitative one - figures and important data about different input parameters, with access to history. For ads that are part of the marketing campaign, Google Analytics For SEO allows you to sign in to your Google AdWords account.

The success of a quality SEO campaign resides primarily in the number of "organic" visits the site manages to attract. In terms of Google Analytics For SEO, organic means traffic that comes and is not paid. Organic traffic and knowledge are not enough, so a detailed analysis of several important SEO factors is required.

Google Analytics For SEO
Google Analytics For SEO

How can Google Analytics For SEO improve optimization?


ONE // Analytics of SEO for Marketing

Google Analytics provides information about which SEO marketing or SEO campaigns have brought the most organic traffic so you can only focus on the future for those types of campaigns that have the most impact on the target audience. It is clear whether the SEO campaign has brought quality traffic to the site or not.

TWO // Know Your Audience Better

Determines exactly where most visitors come from, if they are unique or come back - country, location, department, demographics, language, browsers, ISPs, and computer types (targeting segmentation is easier). This information can be useful to see if messages and posts have reached the targeted target audience, saving time and money.

THREE // Know Which Keyword Drive Traffic

You'll find out which keywords bring the most visitors to your site.

FOUR // Information About Best Ranking Articles

It also provides data on the most accessed articles, the most visited internal links, while on the most visited pages and where the users have come back.

FIVE // Determines Articles That Didn’t Do Well

On the other hand, Google Analytics For SEO also has the ability to determine which web pages have failed to do well in terms of traffic.

SIX // Finds Out If You Need A Mobile Version

As smart mobile devices are increasingly used to browse the Internet, Google finds out if you also need a mobile version of the site and see clearly what traffic it will bring in what times of the day. Organic traffic will increase significantly if many users prefer to be on a tablet on the site.

Seven // Know Sources Of Traffic

The sources of organic traffic coming to the website are precisely determined, as future SEO strategies are geared to either social media, direct links or organic searches.

EIGHT // Traffic Report From Social Media

It measures the traffic generated through social media, providing data on how well a website promotion went on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

NINE // Helps In Identifying Trends

Identifies trends in a given time frame, with access to the performance history of all pages and posts on a site. This will always know what posts are useful, for example, during winter, during holidays, reading the world on the site in spring or at night.

TEN // Gives An Idea About Bounce Rates

It provides a well-rounded idea of ​​"Bounce rates", ie how quickly a user leaves a page in the site without examining other pages.

ELEVEN // Suggest About Further Improvement

It can be clearly seen what was searched on the site, and if there are still some keywords that should be included and searched for.

TWELVE // Helps In Identifying Future Goals

Google Analytics is among the best tools to measure a goal, with integrated funnel visualization modules that measure the effectiveness of the strategy based on specific goals. Used correctly, Google Analytics For SEO is becoming the most effective way to measure success in your SEO campaign, greatly improving website quality and presence online.

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