Get Paid to Test Products

Get Paid to Test Products: Especially for students, pockets can become quite empty and generally there is not enough time for both studies and a part-time job.  But, fortunately, there are other ways to make some money!  Few companies are willing to pay for user tests - read on and find out which.

Get Paid to Test Products
Get Paid to Test Products

An Introduction To Product Testing

 There are many companies who are willing to reward you for testing and evaluating products.  They will send you products free of charge in return for your feedback (products that you can sell online later) or they will pay you cash.  Some websites will ask you to evaluate them on various social networks, and this is a good way to make money on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
 At you will find a lot of guides that show you how to make money quickly, and in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about product testing.

What can you expect to get?

 There is no guarantee for cash payments - in fact, it happens very rarely and only if you are lucky.  But is it worth it then?  As a starting point YES.  The job is easy and you will always get something of value.  Some examples of things you can get for your services are:
·         Coupons for shops, websites
·         Devices (Apple, Samsung …)
·         Food and Beverages (Sometimes Limited Edition)
·         Cosmetics and personal care
·         Books and magazines
·         Clothes and shoes
·         Money
 It is important, however, to remember that it is not guaranteed that you will only get things because you have registered as an assessor.  There are thousands of users and of course these companies do not allow them to send products to everyone.  However, you will never get anything unless you try!

 Good sites to do Product testing

 To be considered as an assessor, you must of course be one of the many websites in this area.  There is a lot to choose from and others appear all the time. TechDean found 5 who are trustworthy.

 Probably the best place to get products for your reviews.  Just create a profile and then you can start filling out the questionnaires.  Toluna is one of the recommended companies to join if you want to make money with questionnaires .
How you do: If you go to the "test" section, you have the option of becoming an evaluator for various products.  If you are selected, the product will be sent to you at home.  Then all you have to do is try the product and fill out a questionnaire about it.  As a reward, you can keep the product.
Product examples: The range is constantly changing, but the most common products are shower gel, toothpaste and other cosmetics.
Your chances of being selected as an assessor: Normally, 200-500 evaluators will normally be chosen.


 A very nice site that pays you to rate websites.  Although you do not test real products, the various websites should have enough fun.
How you do: When you create a profile, you will be asked to take a test.  If that goes out properly, you will receive websites from time to time to evaluate.
 For each website you evaluate, you get $ 10 on PayPal (It takes about 20 minutes to make an assessment).
Product examples: Only websites that you of course can not keep.
Your chances of being selected as a Valuer: You will need to run a test review to be certified as an assessor, but only 1% of the applicants are rejected.


 A fairly respected site that also pays the best.  Unfortunately, the invitations to the tests do not come so often.
How you do: You simply create a profile, and then you can fill out questionnaires and receive test products from time to time.
Product examples: Cosmetics, food, beverages, etc.
Your chances of being selected as an evaluator: The quantity of products to be tested is slightly lower than on other websites, but there are not so many evaluators to compete with


 It is one of the leading sites in England when it comes to marketing research and is more than willing to pay you for the opinion.
How you do: It's just about filling out questionnaires for different products or your personal shopping habits.  Sometimes you will have to receive products to fill in the questionnaires.
Product examples: There is currently no
Your chances of being selected as an assessor: You will rarely receive test products, but the money you receive by completing questionnaires should be sufficient in relation to dedicated time.

 Points To Remember

·          Be aware of your chances
 Of course, it would be nice if all the products we enroll in would be sent directly to the mailbox. Unfortunately, most companies work with a limited budget , which diminishes the number of evaluators.  Because there will often be thousands of applicants for each product, you will not be selected every time. 

·          Be selective about the products you apply
 It can take your tide very quickly and you can apply it for anything that goes through your head.  Think about it for a moment if it's a product you're interested in.  If it is not, do not waste your time with it.  Keep looking for good products instead.

·          Never forget to leave feedback!
 In fact, it is not easy to find the product available for sale. Soo many people make the mistake of not giving proper feedback for the product which in turn reduce their rankings and won't help them get more review items in future.

·         Return to the site
 If after you create a profile you do not return to the site, you will probably never receive test products.  Instead, check regularly and search for new products.  Evaluators with a satisfactory profile and who have proved to be loyal will have a greater chance of receiving new products.

·          Create a separate email for tests
 If you want to avoid losing any possible test offers in spamming your current email address, create a new one and use it for website tests.  A new email address can also be an advantage if you want to try some new sites and you are not sure whether you are trustworthy or not.
 Being evaluator, it might seem too good to be true, but the sites found by TechDean ARE REAL.  If a prove yourself to be a loyal evaluator, companies will gladly deliver enough products to get you done. 

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